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The Potential of Livestock in the Province of Córdoba

The Potential of Livestock in the Province of Córdoba

The province of Córdoba covers a surface area of 16,530,000 hectares. It is the fifth largest area of the country and it represents 6% of the total surface. The tertiary sector participates with higher percentage in the Gross Geographic Product (GGP) with almost 64%, then the secondary sector with 26% and lastly the primary sector with 10% of GGP.

These figures show that even though the province is well-known for its agricultural and livestock production nationally as well as for its manufacturing sector and the service sector or tertiary sector that includes activities related to material services, not producers of goods. They include subsectors such as commerce, transport, communications, call centers, finance, tourism, hotels, leisure, culture, shows, public administration and the so-called public services provided by the state or by the private initiative (health, education and security).

Around 11.2 million hectares are devoted to agriculture of varying intensity out of 16.5 million hectares of the province, such as extensive and intensive agriculture and intensive and extensive livestock. The excellent conditions of soil fertility and the appropriate level of rainfall in a great part of the area allow the province to be one of the main producers of extensive crops of grains in Argentina, mainly of cereals and oil seeds. Regarding the agricultural sector, Córdoba is nationally well-known since it is the main producer of wheat and it is in third place regarding areas planted with soybeans. Moreover, it has participation in other important crops.

Around 90 % of the livestock of the province is made up of bovine cattle, porcine cattle and ovine cattle and goats. The livestock is in fourth place regarding the participation in the national stock after Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Corrientes. Despite the small percentage within the total livestock production of the province, Córdoba is the leader in pig farming in the country and it is in third place in poultry production after Entre Ríos and Buenos Aires.

*Excerpt from the “Final Report  Productive Potential Córdoba”

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